MSEA Aspiring Educators (AE) is a student-led and student-driven arm of the union that supports and prepares pre-service teachers in Maryland to be leaders in their community, schools, and profession. As part of the NEA’s Aspiring Educator Program, we are the largest collegiate program for aspiring educators with over 50,000 aspiring educator members nationally on 1,100 campuses.

The MSEA Aspiring Educator program is now excited to partner with Educators Rising and NEA to provide a seamless transition from your secondary to post-secondary education and support for your journey to the classroom. As an MSEA Aspiring Educator, you can add Educators Rising Collegiate membership at no additional charge. After completing your MSEA Aspiring Educator Membership you will receive a promocode register through the online application process here.

Ready to get Involved?

Step 1: Pay your dues to be a full member at the chapter, state, and national level.
Step 2: Dive in and take advantage of all the opportunities!

We’re Fighting for Paid Student Internships!

We have a teacher shortage and too many aspiring educators are suffering from the expenses demanded by their mandated internship—an unpaid full-time job requiring gas for traveling to the placement school, a professional wardrobe, classroom materials, costly mandated exams, and the fee required for a mentor teacher.

Student activist for paid internships Jeremiah Wright (Frostburg University) attended the 2023 MSEA AE lobby night in Annapolis to fight for paid internships.

That’s why last year, we set out to change that and scored a big win for rising public school educators. After a year of hard work by MSEA Aspiring Educators that included hundreds of conversations on campuses, emails, phone calls to legislators, listening sessions, lobby visits, and testimony to the General Assembly, we won a full expansion of the Teach for Maryland Scholarship Fund so any pre-service educator in Maryland with a 3.0 average can have 100% of their tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board covered.

Maryland AEs know that free tuition is great, but more progress on addressing unpaid internships is needed. That’s why AEs fought for and helped found the first ever pilot program that includes stipends for undergraduate pre-service teachers and a $20,000 stipend for full-time interns at institutions where 40% or more of students receive federal Pell grants. Want to dig deeper? Read our explainers Paid Teaching Internships FAQs and Student Stories: The Cost of Student Teaching.

There’s more work to do to eliminate the financial burden of the unpaid educator internship! Join the fight!

Our Chapters

Want to connect with a chapter directly, but don’t see a way? Email [email protected].

Notre Dame of Maryland student interns with MSEA President Cheryl Bost and Delegate Eric Ebersole at the 2023 AE lobby night.

Professional and Leadership Opportunities

MSEA professional development includes Praxis tutoring and support, racial and social justice and cultural competency, National Board Certification, and much more. At MSEA’s annual convention in October, AEs can attend a full day of free workshops.

Aspiring Educator (AE) Delegate to MSEA Representative Assembly (RA)
Aspiring Educator Delegate to NEA Representative Assembly (RA)
MSEA Aspiring Educator Observer to the Board of Directors

Click here for details about the opportunities above. Learn more about joining a committee here.

Grants, Rebates, and Scholarships for Aspiring Educator Members

NEA CREATE Grants: $2000/project.
MSEA Black Lives Matter at School Grants: $1,000/project
MSEA Human and Civil Rights Grants: $1,000/project
$20 Dues Rebate After Graduation: During your first year of teaching and regular NEA membership, you’ll be eligible to receive a rebate of $20 for each year you were an aspiring educator member. Submit your rebate here.
Jack Kinnaman Scholarship: Five scholarships of $3,500 each funded by NEA Retired members.

Member Resources

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Graduating Soon?

To celebrate your upcoming graduation, we want to provide you with a graduation stole that can be worn for graduation pictures and your big day! Use the button below to request a stole from MSEA.

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