MSEA and our members unequivocally believe that every student has a fundamental right to be educated in an equitable, just, and inclusive school; every student and educator deserves to learn and work in a safe, healthy, and supportive school community; the human and civil rights to which we are all entitled must be respected and protected; the diversity of our students, our communities, our association, and our country makes us stronger;  and racial, social, and economic justice are bedrock principles upon which educators must stand if we are to ensure that our students, colleagues, and communities are ever to fully meet the goals and aspirations delineated in our founding documents.

MSEA has been a strong advocate for numerous racial and social justice issues, including the passage of the Maryland Dream Act, legislation to establish marriage equality, and legislation to finally redress the funding inequities suffered by our state’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

In our advocacy for the passage of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, we have placed an emphasis on making sure that equity is the centerpiece of the long-overdue new funding formula that Maryland’s students need. MSEA has a long tradition of opposing dangerous standardized tests that for so many years left strong students behind because of the white-centered contexts, and strongly advocating for culturally relevant pedagogy and instructional practices, restorative approaches to maintain safe and healthy school communities, the use of trauma-informed best practices and a focus on social-emotional learning, and unencumbered access to equitable opportunities for all students. MSEA has advocated for and provided professional development opportunities for members on topics related to racial and social justice, including accredited courses, webinars, book studies, workshops, conferences, summits, and town hall meetings.

More work remains. We encourage you to use the resources on these pages to increase your awareness about these pressing issues, increase your capacity to build and maintain just and equitable school communities, and organize yourself and your communities to take action in support of our students, communities, and the cause of racial and social justice for all.

Racial and Social Justice Issues

We know that racial and social justice are education justice. Every child, regardless of their zip code or background, deserves education justice and equitable access to opportunities, resources, and supports. We believe that the lives of our Black and Brown students matter and that all students have a fundamental right to be educated in safe, healthy, and supportive learning communities and all educators deserve safe, healthy, and supportive working environments. Click here to learn more about MSEA’s involvement in racial and social justice issues.

Programs, Resources, and Opportunities

Through trainings, advocacy, and education efforts, MSEA works to empower members to be agents of positive change to combat structural and institutional racism, develop awareness of our own biases, and mobilize in support of greater social justice for all Maryland students and educators. Click here to learn more about available programs and opportunities and to check out our Racial-Social Justice Strategy, Organizing, and Action Resources page.

Our Work Across Maryland

Learn more about the work of MSEA members and our union in advocating for racial and social justice at the local, state, and national levels.