MSEA continually draws on the valuable experience of its most veteran members. By participating in state and national conferences, mentoring college students, and volunteering for our grassroots campaigns, you can stay connected and involved. On the state level, MSEA works hard to protect your pension and healthcare benefits, and on the national level, NEA works to protect Social Security and Medicare.

There are many benefits to being an active retired member of MSEA, including the exclusive financial NEA member benefits. Whether you want to stay up-to-date on the latest Maryland education news or you need assistance navigating the world of retiree benefits, MSEA is here for you.

To join as a retiree or pre-retired, visit the NEA website or download this application.

Questions? Contact the MSEA membership department at 1-800-448-6782 or email [email protected].

Retired Advisory Council Members

The MSEA Retired Advisory Council makes recommendations to the MSEA Board of Directors and helps to implement goals, objectives, and program priorities that help support and engage MSEA’s Retired members.

Betty Coleman (2021-2024)
Valerie Coll (2022-2025)
Joshua Fradel (2023-2026)
Julia Hinton-Vanhook (2023-2026)
Jane Linton (2021-2024)
Teresa McCulloh (2022-2025)
Karen Randall (2022-2025)
Helen Wilkerson (2023-2026)

Retired Member Elections

At the 2023 MSEA Representative Assembly, a Bylaw amendment passed that permits a retired member representative to serve as an observer on the MSEA Board of Directors.  This position is elected annually and may serve up to three (3) one-year terms that commence on September 1 of each year.  This official observer position is permitted to be recognized to speak at general meetings of the MSEA Board of Directors.

Candidates should note the following information and schedule for meetings.  The MSEA Board typically meets 10 times a year.  Most meetings are held at MSEA HQ in Annapolis.  Most meetings begin at 5:30 p.m. on Friday and at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday.  There are usually 3 daytime weekday meetings.  Most meetings are held in-person, but some may be held virtually.  For in-person meetings, virtual options may not be provided.  The retired observer is not an automatic delegate to the MSEA or NEA representative assemblies. The Retired Observer will be invited to attend and provide a report at meetings of the Retired Advisory Council, which meets at least 4 times a year, typically during a weekday. 

Voting for the retired observer to the MSEA Board closed at 5:00pm on June 26. Election results can be viewed below.

Valerie Coll | 87
Ayana English-Brown | 67
Marion Milam | 5
Karen Randall | 81

Resources for Retirees