ESP Bill of Rights

Education support professionals (ESPs) are organizing to build presence, strength, and power in a campaign focused on a bill of rights that defines the is­sues long nagging these dedicat­ed employees and now threaten­ing not only the recruitment of new employees but the retention of dedicated veteran employees.

Too many ESPs work second jobs and struggle to provide for their families, buy homes, save for their futures, and afford community or four-year college tuition for their children to learn a trade and plan a career. The looming threats of privatiza­tion by school districts, which would import even lower-paid workers from outside areas, risk the stability of schools and com­munities and further undermine the value of ESPs and their jobs.


With continuing staff shortages, escalating student behavioral challenges, increasing respon­sibilities, a continuing lack of respect, and the rising costs of healthcare benefits, ESPs are being asked to do more—too often without the resources they need and the compensation they deserve.


MSEA support staff members share the value of our ESP Bill of Rights campaign and how it can translate to big wins at the bargaining table on the Stand Up! with Pete Dominick podcast (available on many podcast apps).

We want to build our strength at the bargaining table and that starts with building power and purpose in every county.

Maryland State Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury signs the ESP Bill of Rights at the 2022 MSEA Convention.

Some school board members and community and state officials have refused time and again to rec­ognize support staff and their con­tributions or to provide adequate, living wages. While the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future provides funding to add staff in some ESP positions, there is more to do.

That’s why ESPs and educators around the state are organizing around an ESP Bill of Rights. Learn more about how and why ESPs wrote the Bill of Rights here.

What Is a Living Wage for ESP?

This ESP living wage calculator is based on information from MIT’s Living Wage Calculator. To find out what a living wage means based on where you work, use this calculator.

Ready to Take Action?

Step 1: Endorse the Bill of Rights

Step 2: Attend a monthly activist training to learn how to host a building meeting

Step 3: Host a meeting at your worksite

ESP Bill of Rights Endorsement Map

Worksites and locals across the state are endorsing the ESP Bill of Rights and our shared fight for a living wage, fairness, and respect. Don’t see your worksite there yet? Use the tools and resources on this page to endorse the Bill of Rights!

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