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Research shows that the quality of the classroom teacher is one of the most critical components for student success. MSEA offers high-quality programs and trainings and advocates for the classroom and school resources you need to meet the constantly changing demands of your job.

Maryland’s top-ranking public schools are the professional home to more than 60,000 teachers in 24 counties and Baltimore City. Our teachers are focused on providing Maryland students, parents, and communities with great public schools for every child.

Whether gifted or disadvantaged, special needs or first-generation English speaking, students benefit from Maryland’s quality teaching force. Using best teaching practices and their own innovation, Maryland teachers work hard to deliver lively, relevant lessons in classrooms across the state.

Certificated Staff

Educating children requires collaboration among a wide range of highly skilled professionals, including reading and math specialists, school counselors, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, and many more. MSEA is increasingly focused on specialists’ specific issues and concerns, such as certification status, salaries, and the tools you need to do your job.

Certificated specialists play an important role in every school in the state, providing the skills and expertise students need to achieve their best in school.

Throughout K-12 education, specialists work directly with students and their families, providing tools and interventions that bolster both skills and confidence, and pave the way for future success.

Upcoming events for Teachers & Certified Staff

ParaPro Assessment Overview

Are you preparing for your ParaPro assessment or working toward ParaPro certification? Join this session to learn more about the ParaPro assessment, what is covered on the test, test strategies, and what resources are available to MSEA members.

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Praxis 2 Small Groups Launch

Praxis II Small groups run for four 1.5-hour sessions, each building on the last to get you test-ready!

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Educator Evaluation Portfolios: How to Make the Evaluation Process Work for You

Educators will learn strategies for gathering professional artifacts to demonstrate growth in the Danielson Framework for Teaching Domains and how to use those artifacts in pre- and post-observation and evaluation conferences. Educators will also learn how to build an Educator Evaluation Portfolio that will empower them to be a confident partner in the evaluation process.

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Praxis Core General Session

Join MSEA Praxis Core tutors to go over the basics of the Praxis Core (1), what each section looks like, study tips and tricks, and resources available to MSEA members.

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