Elections & Nominations

MSEA’s 2024 Elections

MSEA’s elected leaders serve members as representatives by advocating before the State Board of Education and our elected state leaders in the General Assembly, and speaking up on the issues that affect our profession.

This year, MSEA members elect one (1) President, one (1) Vice President, two (2) At Large Directors, one Region 4 Director, one (1) Region 6 Director, one (1) NEA Director, along with State Delegates to the NEA RA. The elected President, Vice President, Board of Directors, and NEA Directors will also serve as delegates to the MSEA and NEA RAs.

Retired MSEA members also elect three (3) Retired Advisory Council members and Retired State Delegates to the NEA RA.

Aspiring Educators elect one (1) Aspiring Educator to the NEA RA.

The NEA RA will take place in Philadelphia, PA, July 3-7, 2024.

The voting period for the 2024 MSEA Elections has ended.

Election Results

MSEA President

Paul Lemle | 7244
Theresa Mitchell Dudley | 4589
Write-In | 36

MSEA Vice President

Nikki (Anzer) Woodward | 9372
George Kasnic | 2358
Write-In | 31

MSEA Board of Directors At-Large

Sonia D’Urbano | 5180
Tony Martinet | 4618
Christopher Hill | 3009
Neil Becker | 2885
Felixberto Lazaro | 2056
Jim Politis | 1982
Write-In | 49

MSEA Board of Directors Region 4

Russell Leone | 9525
Write-In | 130

MSEA Board of Directors Region 6

James Henderson III | 5205
Cindy Sexton | 4874
Write-In | 20

NEA Director

Michelle Alexander | 5552
Jacob Zebley | 4970
Write-In | 13

Click here for results for NEA delegate.

Click here for results for MSEA-Retired elections.

Retired Member Elections

Retired Delegate to MSEA Fall RA 2024

MSEA will send 25 retired members to the MSEA Fall RA in Ocean City, October 18-19, 2024. An election was held and the following candidates will attend:

Retired Delegate to 2024 MSEA Fall RA
Betty Coleman (TAAAC)
Julia Hinton Van-Hook (TABCO) 
Joshua Fradel (WCTA-Worcester) 
Barbara Trott-Jones (WCTA-Worcester) 
Billie Munoz (TABCO)
Yvonne Baicich (PGCEA)
Greg Brown (PGCEA)
Ayana English-Brown (PGCEA)
Karen Randall (HCEA-Howard) 
Robin Spickler (WCTA-Washington) 
Jane Linton (EACC)
Ann Ridgeway (HCEA-Howard)
Robin Szymanski (CCEA-Carroll)
Laura Downey (PGCEA)
Patricia Brown (TAAAC) 
Teresa McCulloh (CCEA-Carroll)
Cassandra Peters-Johnson (PGCEA)
Donzella Parker Bert (TAAAC)
Cynthia Rinaldi (HCEA-Howard) 
Robert (Bob) Herbstsomer (CCEA-Carroll) 
Betsy Brininger (TAAAC)
T’Wana Warrick-Bell (PGCEA) 
Patricia Anderson (HCEA-Hafford)
Audrey Robinson (PGCEA)

Retired Observer on the MSEA Board of Directors

At the 2023 MSEA Representative Assembly, a Bylaw amendment passed that permits a retired member representative to serve as an observer on the MSEA Board of Directors.  This position is elected annually and may serve up to three (3) one-year terms that commence on September 1 of each year.  This official observer position is permitted to be recognized to speak at general meetings of the MSEA Board of Directors.

The retired observer is not an automatic delegate to the MSEA or NEA representative assemblies. The Retired Observer will be invited to attend and provide a report at meetings of the Retired Advisory Council, which meets at least 4 times a year, typically during a weekday. 

Voting for the retired observer to the MSEA Board began at 9:00 a.m. on June 12.  The voting window closed at 5:00 p.m. on June 26. See below for election results.

2024 Retired Observer Election Results

Karen Randall (Howard) | 58
Ken Baughman (Anne Arundel) | 22
Valerie Coll (Montgomery) | 47
Marion Milam (Prince George’s) | 13
Billie Munoz (Baltimore) | 17

Election Schedule 2024

May 22                Nominations open
June 5                 All nomination forms due via online form by 5:00 p.m.
June 12               Voting begins online at 9:00 a.m.
June 26               Voting closes at 5:00 p.m.
June 27               Virtual RAC meeting to validate election results
June 30              On or before June 30, election results released


  1. All current MSEA retired members are eligible to run for Retired Observer to the MSEA Board. 
  2. All current MSEA retired members may vote in the Retired Observer to the MSEA Board election. 
  3. Nominations shall be made on the official Retired Observer to the MSEA Board Election Nomination Form link here.
  4. Nominations shall close on the day and time prescribed in the schedule published. 
  5. Candidates may provide a biographical sketch that is no longer than 100 words.  The biographical sketches will be published with the ballot.  Any words beyond the maximum of 100 will be deleted.  Only bios submitted via the nomination form will be accepted.  Corrections to grammar or spelling will NOT be made. 
  6. Candidates’ names will be placed on the ballot in random order. 
  7. RAC members will validate the election results.
  8. RAC members whose name appears on the ballot shall not participate in the validation of the election results. 
  9. No candidate campaign materials shall be permitted for this election.
  10. No write-in candidates will be allowed.
  11. If there is only one candidate for Retired Observer, the RAC will declare the one candidate as elected by acclamation.