Q&A with New Education Graduate Michaela Redden

Michaela Redden, a 2024 graduate of Hood College, begins her teaching career in Frederick County this fall.

Meet Michaela Redden, formerly an MSEA Aspiring Educator member now a 2024 graduate of Hood College, recently hired special education teacher, and active union member in Frederick County.

What are you most looking forward to in your first year in the classroom? I’m looking forward to building connections within the school and community and building my own self-confidence in my teaching.

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What is the most unexpected aspect of teaching that you’ve encountered? I think just adapting to different backgrounds and cultures. And understanding that everyone views special needs and special education services differently.

What was the hardest part of your undergrad experience?  I think the hardest part was getting to and from my internships due to not having a car. I did make it every day—on time or early each day.

Why education? I chose education due to my own experience as a student. Growing up in a small town, there were very few teachers and staff who looked like me, so I want to give that to future students. I think representation matters. Being able to have someone who looks like you in the classroom and building and someone has gone through similar experiences as you have can make a world of difference.

How did MSEA’s Aspiring Educator program support you? Praxis Prep sessions and having different educators come speak to us helped lessen the nerves. The opportunities for open communication and guidance helped so much, too.

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