Aspiring Educator Leadership Opportunities

Aspiring Educator (AE) Delegate to MSEA Representative Assembly (RA)

The AE delegate represents MD Aspiring Educators at the RA every October. The delegate must attend Friday and Saturday.

Aspiring Educator Delegate to NEA Representative Assembly (RA)

The AE delegate represents MD Aspiring Educators at the RA every July. The delegate must attend the NEA RA (five days over the fourth of July) and the Aspiring Educator pre-conference (few days before the NEA RA).


MSEA Aspiring Educator Observer Board of Director

MSEA by-laws at the October 2022 RA were amended to “…aspiring educators shall … be permitted to annually elect a representative who shall be designated as an official observer of the Board of Directors.”

This leadership position is designed to help future educators and union leaders learn how to be a leader in the organization. Up to three, one-year terms are allowed.


What is the role of the AE BOD member?

To observe the inner workings of the MSEA BOD and learn how elected union leaders guide the association. You will be asked to participate and represent aspiring educators’ perspective where relevant.

What is the time commitment?

The term is for one-year. BOD members are expected to attend all BOD meetings, retreats etc. unless they have an unavoidable personal conflict. MSEA’s BOD meets 10 times throughout the year, Friday night and Saturday, when possible the third weekend of the month in Annapolis.

Are expenses paid for?

Yes! As an official member of the BOD your travel expenses, overnight accommodations if needed and meals are covered for all mandatory board business.

Is this elected?

It can be! If more than one person expresses interest, then the aspiring educator will be elected.

When do elections / selection occur?

Aspiring Educators must submit their interest for the following year’s BOD member term by March 31st. Elections, if necessary, will take place in April online.

AE MSEA BOD Interest Form
Please complete the form below to indicate your interest. This form indicates your interest and commitment to serving as the Aspiring Educator MSEA Observer Board of Director Member. AE Board of director member terms are 1-year. If there is more than one candidate interested, an election will be conducted.

150 words limit please
I understand that I must be an active aspiring educator member during the entire duration of my term as a MSEA Board of Director Member. I agree to comply with the MSEA Board of Directors Code of Ethics.

MSEA Standing Committee Members

Aspiring Educator members are eligible to serve on statewide committees. Committees help plan trainings, organize members and more! Submit your name here.