A message from President Cheryl Bost

The 2022 elections: your voice and your vote are critical

MSEA President Cheryl Bost

Your work matters so much to so many people. Our communities are stronger thanks to your effort, ideas, and commitment day in and day out. Thank you for all that you do.

We all know that these are tough times to be in education. From politicized attacks on what we do, what we teach, and even what books are in our media centers, we’re so often put under the microscope by those looking to score political points rather than do what’s best for our kids. At the same time, all too often we see real issues that impact our schools—the trauma so many students carry every day, the understaffing that stretches school staff thin, the attempt to privatize rather than build our professions, and more.

I believe strongly that the best way we can address these issues is through our strong voice and strong union. Educators should be heard—and our union is here to amplify our collective voice and make a positive difference on the issues that matter to us, our students, and our schools.

The 2022 elections are upon us and your voice and your vote are absolutely critical. We need your help to make sure candidates who understand and appreciate our work are elected into office.

Make sure you have a plan to vote. Make sure your family, friends, and colleagues do too. You can find educator-recommended candidates who have gone through our thorough, locally driven process at MDAppleBallot.com. Volunteer with your local association or the candidates you support. Every conversation and every vote matters.

Together we must elect pro-public education candidates up and down the ballot who will fund the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, stand up for the rights of ESPs, address educator shortages, ensure educator voices are at the table, and help us bring back the respect and professionalism that all public educators deserve.

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