Culture, Abilities, Resilience and Effort: Part 1, Culturally Responsive

In this C.A.R.E. module—Culturally Responsive—educators will explore how opportunity gaps fuel achievement gaps. Students from diverse backgrounds bring their varied cultural, racial, and socio-economic characteristics and experiences to school. Participants will explore the role that educators and the community stakeholders can play while identifying concrete strategies for increasing student engagement to create opportunities and valuable learning experiences for diverse learners.

Culture, Abilities, Resilience and Effort: Part 2, Abilities and Resilience

Part 2 deals with the maximizing the broad range of student abilities and fostering student resilience. Participants will examine their own practice and apply new strategies for developing student abilities and resilience in their own work.

Cultures, Abilities, Resilience and Effort: Part 3, Effort

Part 3 focuses on the role of effort in learning and how educators can use a systems-based approach to implementing a culturally competent learning environment. Participants will apply learnings from all three modules of the C.A.R.E. curriculum to create a capstone project demonstrating how they will implement what they’ve learned to create practices that are culturally competent.

First-Year Teacher Panel and New Hire Roundtable

Listen in to hear from new Maryland teachers about their school year, what has helped them suceed, and what they wish they knew. You'll have an opportunity during our hiring round table to talk with teachers in your area about their experience and the hiring process.

2023 IPD Conference: Moving Forward Together in a Dynamic World

This year’s theme is Moving Forward Together in a Dynamic World. When you reflect on what you have learned as an educator in 2022, how do you reimagine professional learning? Come inspire and empower fellow educators at MSEA’s IPD Conference.

MSEA Retired Conference

The MSEA Retired Conference will include workshop sessions on how to build your local retired chapter, membership recruitment, racial and social justice, estate planning, preventing identity theft and scams, keeping up with technology, staying healthy in retirement, financial security for retirees, and caregiving.

Summer Leadership Conference

Attendees will learn the skills they need to become strong union leaders through our core trainings. We’re going hard for the endorsement—by every local union— of the Education Support Professional Bill of Rights. We’ll do that through role plays and case studies, T(Ed) Talks, electives, and our annual solidarity action.