Why We’re Marching on March 13

To show a united front. The right for every child to a quality, free public education.

The issues MSEA is fighting for this year are pretty straightforward: reducing testing to 2% of instructional time, protecting neighborhood schools from privatization, and stopping public school funding from supporting for-profit charters and private school vouchers.

You can make a difference in these fights by joining the March to Protect Our Schools! We’re marching from MSEA’s Annapolis headquarters to the offices of delegates and senators with one united message — protect our schools.

We can do this! Sign up today.

Read why these MSEA educators are showing up on March 13.

Marcie Cooke, Baltimore County

Our union members go to Annapolis to share our stories with legislators to help sway their vote to support or oppose bills that affect public education.

We’ve lobbied to reduce testing, to limit the amount of testing used in school evaluations, and to keep taxpayer dollars dedicated to public, not private, education.

I believe this march will show those same legislators that we stand together, no matter the county, to better educate the children that we serve.

Zahava Johnson, Prince George’s County

I am marching because I believe all children in the U.S. should have access to universal pre-k. There’s a huge disparity in language skills between students who come from lower socioeconomic classes versus more affluent backgrounds.

Josh Rubin, Montgomery County

Iam marching because my students deserve a free and appropriate public education. I once was unfortunate enough to have a conversation with an uncle of mine who declared that all public educators were corrupt, and looked out for no one but themselves.

But what my uncle, and those like him, continuously fail to realize, is that public school educators fight for what is best for their students, because when students get what they need, teachers also get what they need.