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MSEA’s timeline to Fix the Fund, elect great candidates, and improve schools.

MSEA’s GO Team leaders are spearheading grassroots efforts across the state to mobilize members in the fight for school funding.

SPRING — FALL MSEA seeks candidate pledges to support the Maryland Promise of ending the underfunding of our schools and providing every family and community a great public school and the opportunity to succeed.

SPRING — SUMMER The Kirwan Commission meets to finalize recommendations for 2019 General Assembly.

JUNE 26 — PRIMARY ELECTION DAY Visit MDAppleBallot.com for educator- recommended candidates for state and local offices.

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SUMMER — FALL MSEA and locals organize to support candidates for November 6.

LATE FALL Kirwan Commission final recommendations due.

Read MSEA’s 4-point gameplan to fulfill Maryland’s promise to students, educators, schools, and communities.mseanewsfeed.com

ELECTION DAY — NOVEMBER 6 On the ballot: the Fix the Fund constitutional amendment, governor, attorney general, comptroller, and the entire General Assembly plus county executives, boards of education, and more.

Jill Morris, St. Mary’s County; Tonya Hayman, Talbot County; and Diane Deal, Carroll County, with MSEA President Betty Weller at the Senate office building before testifying in support of ESP living wage legislation in March 2018.

2019 GENERAL ASSEMBLY Legislators vote on the Kirwan Commission recommendations and new school funding formula that will affect public education funding for a generation.

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