Why Is the DeVos-Funded Mackinac Center Contacting You?

Since the Supreme Court’s infamous Janus decision in June, union-busting billionaires are targeting counties across the state. Tens of thousands of MSEA members have been targeted by the Mackinac Center from Michigan — one of the best funded and worst offending of the groups assaulting unions and historic protections like collective bargaining.

Our members aren’t fooled — and MSEA and local affiliate unions are pushing back on these deeply misleading communications. “We’re educating members about the Mackinac Center,” said Doug Prouty, MSEA vice president, “and its funding from the Koch brothers and the DeVos family.”

FRAUD ALERT! Beware of anti-union emails from Betsy DeVos!
Betsy DeVos, the nation’s secretary of education (of all people!), is actively working to dismantle the employment…www.nysut.org

“Yes, that DeVos family,” confirmed Prouty. “These billionaires and their anti-worker agendas are trying to break unions just as Scott Walker did in Wisconsin, where educator rights, pay, school resources, and benefits have been decimated.”

MSEA is strong. We’ve been representing Maryland educators and advocating for public school students through MSEA and our local affiliate unions since 1865. By working together — organizing, lobbying, and taking action — we’ve won more funding for our students and schools, and better salaries, benefits, and working conditions. The Mackinac Center or any other group of its kind won’t stop us from fighting for the great public schools and students who are at the heart of our professions.

“You can see why the Koch and DeVos families are desperate to marginalize educators and public schools,” Prouty added. “They want a weaker voice for educators and working people and more wealth and power for the 1%. We’re standing strong with every state in the nation. There is no doubt that our advocacy means a better future for our students and our country.”