Toolkit: Tips and Tools for Blended Learning

Tech lover and Frederick County language arts teacher Alia Knight-Dahl makes room for deeper learning in her blended classroom.

Alia Knight-Dahl is a Sixth Grade Language Arts Teacher Monocacy Middle School Frederick County.

Blended Learning in Action/Hyperdoc Handbook These are my go-to resources for finding and creating rigorous lessons that help students dig deep and work at their own pace in my blended classroom. A Common Core aligned, complete online curriculum for k–8. When used with rotations, it’s like having an extra teacher for every student because it provides personalized lessons to fill holes in student learning.

Making Blended Learning Work in Your Classroom
Each attempt at using new tech involves taking a risk and models for our students how we handle bumps in the road …

Quirky Shoes A big flower in my hair and a pair of cool and quirky shoes show students that I’m a risk taker and it is ok for them to be their unique selves too!

ReadWorks I can assign articles and have students respond to multiple choice and/or written response questions that are text dependent and rigorous. Students can annotate text. I can even differentiate by giving different levels of the same article!

Screencastify A Chrome extension that allows me to record video lessons or record my computer screen to create tutorials, deliver a lesson when I have a substitute, and have students create tutorials for each other.

PlayPosit allows teachers to embed a variety of question types into the video of their choice. I can take a video that covers my course content and infuse it with questions so students have to v be actively engaged while watching.

Phone Alarms for time management, apps like Plickersand Kahoot! for formative assessment, photo and video apps for archiving what we do in class, and Twitter to share with the world.