Toolkit: Art Teacher Christee Jordan

Christee Jordan is a K-5 art teacher at Monarch Global Academy in Anne Arundel County. With her signature glasses and easy smile, this educator and mixed-media artist is a co-founder of the Creative Outlets Art Center. The center believes that “art and artmaking is an integral part of our mental health and we aim to teach the community how to use it!” 

COOL GLASSES Being in the virtual world can make it challenging to build relationships. My glasses help do the trick! I switch up my glasses every day to fit my mood. The kids love it.

GOOGLE DRAWING We were thrown into the virtual art world overnight, with little time to prepare and become tech gurus. It’s been a life-saver.

CREATIVE OUTLETS ART CENTER I’m vice president of the non-profit Creative Outlets Art Center (COAC). And although COAC is not a physical tool, it’s still an essential component in my toolkit because it constantly reminds me of the healing powers of art-making!

PAINT BRUSHES Our paint brushes tell our stories. I have several paint brushes that I simply can’t let go. And yeah, new brushes are cool, but the old ones know my ways and every move.

CRAYOLA EVERYTHING Crayola values the nature and healing of art-making. Their products highlight the differences in every artist in the most unique ways. Crayola Construction Paper Crayons are a must in my classroom and toolkit.

SKETCHBOOK My sketchbook is one of my most important tools. I always have my students sketch out their ideas—it allows them to problem-solve, plan, and practice. My sketchbook is still, and will always be, a must!

SHARPIE MARKERS Sharpie markers signify control and decision-making. I think of the permanence of a Sharpie as the final step when weighing options. As an artist, there’s something satisfying when you know you’re ready for the Sharpie marker lines!

Photo: Stephen Cherry Photography ©2021

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