Toolkit: 3rd Grade Teacher Casey Keyser

Casey Keyser is a third grade teacher at Butterfly Ridge Elementary in Frederick County and an alumni of the Vanguard Teaching Program. She is is a 2021 finalist for the NEA Foundation Horace Mann Award for Excellence in Teaching and is the owner of the education resource blog, Fair Winds Teaching Read Keyser’s Teacher to Teacher: Breakthroughs in Pedagogy here.

  1. I love having everything right in arm’s reach. Store everything you need for virtual learning in a cart to organize your teaching materials and just roll it to your deck when you’re ready to teach.

2. Every student LOVES a fun
dance party!
Funky Friday is my favorite tradition to keep the students engaged and get them moving.

Put on some school-friendly music, flip on the disco lights, grab your mic, and dance, dance, dance!

3. Staring at a computer screen all day is hard, be nice to your eyes and brain by wearing computer ray blockers.

4. Video conferencing is hard enough, but using these tech tool button cards gives the students a visual representation of what and where they can find items to click.

5. This recording tech tool allows the students to stay connected with the educator and classmates in a fun and engaging way.

6. Skeleton hands, foam fingers, weird octopus fingers, OH MY! Anything to get the attention of students to look at what you are displaying on your document camera.

7. Brain Breaks videos for everyone! No one likes to stay at a computer for long—you
need to give your students multiple breaks during the day.

8. Join the bandwagon! I made a Flat Ms. Keyser & Journal to keep students organized. You can even create an interactive virtual Bitmoji classroom on Google Slides.