Things Not to Say to a New Educator

Not cool.

You didn’t need that period of planning time, right?

Planning time is important. Really important.

It must be nice to finish work at 3 and have summers off!

This one never gets old (or accurate).

Just skip lunch! You’ll be fine.

Days get busy, and it happens to all of us. But try to eat so you don’t suddenly crash in the afternoon.

The copier is down.

Take a deep breath…

What do you mean today didn’t go exactly as you planned?

Plus side: you’ll get ideas for what to do differently and knock it out of the park next time.

They didn’t prepare you for all of this in school?


Just think, only 10 more years until your student loans are paid off!

In the meantime, check out NEA’s Degrees Not Debt program and get involved advocating for higher ed affordability.

It’s nice that you work in education. What do you really want to do?

Work in education, making a difference for kids. You know, what I do every day.

Using Pop Culture in the Classroom
In 2010, the Kaiser Family Institute reported that youth between the ages of 8 and 18 were spending about