Tech Expert Connects in Real Time with K-5 Students in Anne Arundel County

Keion Dorsey opens doors for students in technology and life. Read his story.

Keion Dorsey, a support technology technician at Hillsmere and Germantown Elementary Schools in Anne Arundel County. Photo: Stephen Cherry.

My first day on the job was the first time in my life when I felt complete. At the end of every work day, I feel like a superhero to both students and teachers. They respond really well to the help I give them. Since I’m a younger employee in the school, I’ve discovered that I have a special connection with students. I love to mentor and give students a greater desire to learn and to understand that their lives have great purpose. I like being young enough to show them that you can achieve greatness in other careers than just football.

“I love to mentor and give students a greater desire to learn and to understand that their lives have great purpose.”

— Keion Dorsey

When I worked in Baltimore City Schools, I witnessed the school-to-prison pipeline. I saw so many young African American men fall through the cracks, while their talents and potential became lost in the cycle of poor decisions and little-to-no support. My passion to help grew when I began to see how poverty, abuse, and neglect at home caused so many to sink

deeper into trouble at school. I wanted to make a difference for the students who may have lost their hope, who never found their passion, and who didn’t have a reason to believe in themselves.

Many may say that you can’t affect students if you’re not in the classroom, but for me, not being the classroom teacher is what makes all the difference. I try to instill hope and dreams into my students by challenging them to explore the possibilities of new careers in technology. I take time to give them some- thing I never had — a mentor they know they can rely on.

I have an open door policy for my students to always visit my room and get their thoughts together or just take a break. I serve my students in many ways by creating groups to teach them life skills and helping to make sure they explore the many possibilities and paths available for them in the world.

I love what I do because I end every day knowing that I’m a superhero without a cape — somehow in some way my contribution has made a difference.