Take Action Now: The Stakes Are High

FACT: School are underfunded $2 million every year on average

Right now, our schools are underfunded by $2.9 billion annually — that’s an average of $2 million in every school in Maryland. It’s time to raise our voices and end the underfunding of our schools. Students, educators, and schools deserve better.


Policymakers in Annapolis are talking about a number of promising changes, including:

Big raises for teachers! Increases to $92,000 in the next 5 years to be on par with architects, CPAs, and other professions requiring similar education and credentials.

Living wages for support staff. Support professionals are valued and essential members of every school community who deserve more respect and better pay.

Increased planning time for teachers. The proposal cuts the amount of time spent in direct instruction by 20%, allowing more time for planning, mentoring, and real professional growth.

More staff. Including behavioral support specialists, school counselors, and psychologists.

Universal pre-k and expanded career and technical education. Let’s set the stage for success for every student.

We’re Marching for Our Schools Now
We can’t ask our kids to wait any longermseanewsfeed.com


Policymakers are considering suggestions from so-called experts who have never worked in schools, including:

More high-stakes standardized testing that cuts into instructional time.

Larger class sizes at every level.

More top-down mandates. We know the drill: hand down ill-conceived mandates without adequate funding or attention to the intricacies of implementation.

Leaving support staff out of the salary increases. We can’t defy the realities of what it takes to support a family or ignore the significant contributions of support professionals.

More head-scratching ideas from bureaucrats and consultants who’ve never worked or taught in a school. Remember No Child Left Behind? No. Not again.

March for Our Schools
On March 11th we’re marching to make sure that every student in every neighborhood has a great public school and an…marchforourschools.com