School Funding: We’ve Got to Push — and Push Hard — to Reach Our Goal

Now is when we can really make a difference for our kids

We’ve taken the first important steps to end the underfunding of our schools. This year, we need a powerful commitment from legislators to take the next steps. The Kirwan Commission on school funding has set a goal of phasing in a $3.8 billion increase in new, annual education funding over the next 10 years.

While some in Annapolis want to slow down our momentum, we know that our kids can’t wait. They’re losing ground.

We’ve got to push — and push hard — to keep the momentum going if we are to reach that goal in 10 years. This year, we have an opportunity to increase funding that would be dedicated to student programs and resources, more staff, more planning time, and raises for all educators. That’s why we’re marching for our schools on March 11.


In the past two years, the General Assembly has gradually stepped up new education funding. To stay on track to hit the goal of $3.8 billion in new annual funding, they must take bigger steps starting this year.

2017 GENERAL ASSEMBLY The General Assembly approved a $35 million increase in funding, mostly for pre-k expansion.

2018 GENERAL ASSEMBLY The General Assembly approved $200 million for new education spending in 2019. See below for details.

2018 ELECTION Thanks to educators’ pressure to Fix the Fund, Maryland passed Question 1 to make sure casino revenues would add millions to school funding.

That additional money will be phased in over the next four years, like this.

2020 $125 million

2021 $250 million

2022 $375 million

2023 $500+ million

We’re Marching for Our Schools Now
We can’t ask our kids to wait any

2019 GENERAL ASSEMBLY SESSION Let’s build on that $200 million promised last year from the 2018 General Assembly. We can add the $125 million from casino revenues to the $200 million down payment.

The Kirwan Commission has recommended that this new funding go towards:

3% Teacher and Certificated Staff Salary Increase in addition to locally negotiated steps and COLAs

Expanding Full-Day Pre-K for 4-Year-Olds

Expanding Community Schools Funding for a community school coordinator and health practitioner for schools with 80% or more concentration of poverty

• Increase Health and Behavioral Health Funding

Increase Special Education Funding

To stay on track to reach the goal of $3.8 billion in 10 years, the 2019 General Assembly will need to commit to spend $750 million during next year’s legislative session.

2020 GENERAL ASSEMBLY SESSION Next year’s General Assembly will revise the school funding formula using the Kirwan Commission’s recommendations and use the money committed during the 2019 session to implement the first year of the new formula.

If the General Assembly doesn’t commit money this year, there won’t be money to fund the first year of the new formula. It would be like a new car with no gas in the tank. Our students, schools, and communities will lose even more ground.