Rachel McCusker is the Educator Voice on the State Board

Music teacher Rachel McCusker is the first-ever MSEA member-educator representative on the State Board of Education.

MSEA is proud to have a member-educator on the State Board of Education—the first ever elected by educators to provide the voice of on-the-ground educators. Rachel McCusker is a music teacher in Carroll County and a former Carroll County Teacher of the Year, and her voice at this unprecedented time is critical.

“The addition of an educator voice to the Maryland State Board comes at an incredibly challenging time when that voice is needed more than ever,” said McCusker. “In addition to shining a light on the realities and workload of educating children during a world-wide pandemic, I am advocating for listening to the voices of stakeholders and adhering to an open, transparent policymaking process.

“One of my most pivotal responsibilities is serving on the Superintendent Search Committee. For the first time, a working educator will play an integral role in the selection of our state superintendent. It is an awesome responsibility that will affect educators and students for years to come.”

“Serving on the board has been one of the greatest honors and biggest challenges of my life and career. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with your concerns and I will continue to do my best to make sure your voice is heard at the State Board.”