Promoting Respect and Empathy

A new First Book/MSEA resource for a more just classroom

You can set the stage for a caring classroom in the 2019–2020 school year with help from another great toolkit from MSEA’s partnership with First Book. The new Promoting Respect and Empathy: A Toolkit for Educators of All Grades includes more than 20 activities from educators to help build more of the valuable social skills students need.

You can use the new Promoting Respect and Empathy toolkit as a starting point for embedding character building in your lessons or to add a new layer to your practice.

In Promoting Respect and Empathy, you’ll find:

Since its launch in 2018, more than 10,000 educators from Maryland and across the United States have downloaded First Book’s Trauma Toolkit.

More than 6,500 educators have used the Celebrate Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion with Your Students calendar — look for the 2019–2020 updated calendar in August — and nearly 4,000 have accessed the Understanding Unconscious Bias Educator Self-Assessment. These tools are becoming essential resources in both Maryland classrooms and MSEA trainings.

First Book also has free and reduced price book collections curated to explore character development and social-emotional skills, diversity and inclusion, health and wellness, free literacy resources, and much more. Take time this summer to catch up on how First Book can support your classroom! Sign up is easy and free!