Restorative Practices for ESP Snapshot




In many cases, education support professionals are called upon to intervene with students in their times of most serious need. Whether it’s a paraprofessional dealing with a student in the midst of an emotional crisis or a school nurse working with a student showing signs of trauma at home, our ESP members handle it all.

The landscape of expectations for working with students is changing, though, and how ESP members confront the daily challenges of student issues has to change with it. Restorative practices are a proven way to be sure that every student is treated equitably and that the learning community functions for everyone. Contrary to some misconceptions, restorative practices ensure fair accountability and processes that reduce negative outcomes and ensure that students get the education they’re entitled to.

But beyond that, restorative practices give educators practical tools that have been proven to work for the students and themselves. So come get a snapshot of how restorative practices can work in your daily professional life.

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This event is part of our Best Practice Wednesday series. For more about the series, please click here.