National Education Association Makes Recommendations for Open Maryland Congressional Seats

Media Contact

Media Contact

The National Education Association (NEA) has made recommendations in Maryland’s three open Congressional seats: Sarah Elfreth in District 3, Johnny Olszewski in District 2, and Joe Vogel in District 6, following the recommendations of the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) Board of Directors. These recommendations come at the conclusion of an inclusive process highlighted by thorough candidate questionnaires and interviews conducted by local educators in each district with the candidates pursuing NEA’s recommendation.

The National Education Association represents 3 million members nationwide. Its Maryland affiliate, the Maryland State Education Association, represents 75,000 educators in school systems and classrooms throughout Maryland and is the largest labor union in the state.

NEA, MSEA, and their members have a long history of running robust voter contact and education programs, communicating with millions of Maryland families, and playing a decisive role in some of the most consequential elections in our state.

Statement from NEA President Becky Pringle:

“Sarah Elfreth, Johnny Olszewski, and Joe Vogel are proven champions for America’s students and Maryland’s working families. They know how critical it is to ensure that every student—no matter their race, place, or background—has access to quality public schools. In a time when some extreme politicians are focused on banning books and taking away learning opportunities for students, these leaders have partnered with parents and educators to ensure students can get the one-on-one support they need, keep students and educators safe from gun violence, expand school-based mental health programs, and address educator shortages. In Congress, Sarah Elfreth, Johnny Olszewski, and Joe Vogel will each continue helping level the playing field for working families, which is why the National Education Association is proud to recommend their candidacies,” said National Education Association President Becky Pringle.  

Statement from MSEA President Cheryl Bost:

“Sarah Elfreth, Johnny Olszewski, and Joe Vogel will be fantastic leaders for our students and educators in Congress, just as they have been throughout their careers as public servants in our communities. They understand what is happening in our schools and classrooms because they listen to educators and fight for the programs and supports that all students need and deserve. We’re excited to recommend Sarah Elfreth, Johnny Olszewski, and Joe Vogel for Congress and look forward to working together to ensure that every student has the opportunity to pursue their dreams,” said Maryland State Education Association President Cheryl Bost.

Statement from Sarah Elfreth (District 3):

“I am a proud product of public schools, and I believe the most important investment we can make is in educators and students. I will be a champion for public education in Congress, and I am grateful for the support of Maryland’s educators,” said Senator Sarah Elfreth.

Statement from Johnny Olszewski (District 2):

“As a former Baltimore County public school teacher, I am honored to be endorsed by our teachers’ unions. The support from both the MSEA and the NEA stands as a testament to our shared commitment to championing quality education, supporting our dedicated educators, and advocating for policies that empower every student to reach their full potential. Together, we will strive to build a brighter future for our schools, our communities, and our nation,” said Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski.

Statement from Joe Vogel (District 6):

“I’m honored to have the support of the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) and the National Education Association (NEA) in my campaign for Congress. The thousands of educators that call the 6th District home are crucial partners in educating the next generation of Maryland leaders. From fighting dangerous book bans, to adapting to the changing learning environment brought on by COVID, educators help lift up working families from Oakland all the way to Gaithersburg,” said Delegate Joe Vogel.