Musicians Ready? One, Two, Three, Four…

Meet music teacher Bri’Yahn Ritchie and the 6 tools that make his practice his own.

Photos: Brion McCarthy
  1. BATON I see my baton as my magical wand. I control and manipulate tempo, stylistic approaches, dynamics, and the start and ending of a musical phrase.

2. TRUMPET I play my trumpets to model and play along with my students. I often play the music myself to determine difficulty and feasibility for the students.

3. CONDUCTOR SCORES I follow the scores to know who to cue for entrances, dynamics, tempos, and melody vs. harmonic support.

4. MIDI KEYBOARD The keyboard is the perfect re- source to model the accurate rhythms and pitches of the music we’re working on.

5. AMP The amp is used every day to amplify audio recordings, instrumental playing, and the tempo of the metronome.

6. TUNING METRONOME The tuning metronome is used to fix intonation and tempo issues.

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