MSEA’s Summer Leadership Conference — Empowering Educators and Building Skills

More than 140 members from 17 counties across the state made Salisbury University home for four days at MSEA’s 2017 Summer Leadershipu2026

MSEA’s 2017 Emerging Leaders at the Summer Leadership Conference. They will be studying and meeting throughout the year.

MSEA members came to MSEA’s 2017 Summer Leadership Conference at Salisbury University July 19–21 for insight, support, and skill-building to improve their schools and workplaces.

Eight different three-day schools focused on union and workplace issues like advocacy, conflict management, contract bargaining, identifying new leaders, leadership development, grassroots organizing, union organizing, and restorative practices.

What were the takeaways from the 2017 Summer Leadership Conference?

Here’s what three members said:

“The biggest benefit of the Advocacy School was the role-play work,” said Cheryl Dembrowski, Montgomery County. “We were each given a case where we had to look through our contract, really break it down, and think about what we would do in a given situation. Then we role-played as if we were in a meeting with our principal advocating for a member.”

“In the Conflict Resolution School,” said Terri Wyatt, Cecil County, “I learned how to approach someone in a higher position in a non-confrontational way that can produce results. I learned how to build relationships as a stepping stone to improving the work environment for my colleagues and me.”

“My biggest takeaway from the Leadership School is the need for a new emphasis on building stronger relationships and connections with our building reps. To do that,” said Laura Cromwell, Washington County, “we need to have direct one-on-one conversations with them and find out what we can do to make that connection more meaningful and productive.”