MSEA’s New Praxis Core Program

MSEA’s Praxis Core Prep: Apply Today!


MSEA’s Praxis Core Prep — Apply Today!

MSEA’s Praxis Core Prep (MPCP) is MSEA’s newest program supporting aspiring educators. Praxis Core Prep focuses on the important need for us to support, recruit, and retain educators of color and build a stronger, more diverse profes­sion to meet the needs of every student in Maryland. We know that as our student popula­tion grows increasingly diverse, it’s more important than ever for students to have teachers who reflect that diversity.


MSEA’s Praxis Core Prep, supported by a grant from NEA, will train MSEA members to be MPCP tutors who will in turn support hundreds of future educators of color to succeed on the Praxis Core, including MSEA Aspiring Educator members, education support profes­sionals, and conditionally certificated teachers.

For test takers, MPCP means no-cost sup­port from MSEA’s growing group of dedicated and caring tutors who’ve been trained on the stumbling blocks of the standardized Praxis test. Tutors first provide an overview of Praxis Core in group sessions, then begin 1:1 tutoring and sup­port in the reading, writing, and/or math sections that continues through test taking.


“Students need to be prepared for the exact material they will encounter on certification tests and they need practice with working through the tests formats,” said Eric Nelson, president of the Coppin State Education Association. “MCPC is addressing that need. When students participate in the program, barriers such as access to adequate study materials will begin to be dismantled.”

For tutors, the program means NEA train­ings on the updated Praxis Core and resources that will help zero in on the needs of the MPCP participants. Tutors will be compensated for their time and mileage.

Increasing teacher diversity is good for our schools and our students because of the positive impact that a more diverse profession has on graduation rates, college readiness, exclusionary discipline refer­rals, and more. MSEA is committed to im­proving the recruitment and retention of educators of color in Maryland’s schools.

Praxis Core Prep FAQs

Why educators of color? Increasing teacher diversity is good for our schools and our students! It has positive impacts on gradu­ation rates, college readiness, and exclu­sionary discipline referrals. As Maryland’s student population diversifies, it is a priority to increase teacher diversity as well.

Why the Praxis Core? Although the Praxis Core is the required basic skills test for all Maryland teacher candidates, studies have found that implicit bias exists in the test.


What is MSEA’s goal for MPCP? Over the next three years, MSEA will provide in-person information, support, and tutoring to hundreds of future educators of color to build confidence, succeed in passing the Praxis Core, and achieve their dream of entering the teaching profession.

Is there a fee for tutoring? There is no fee for MPCP tutoring.


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