MSEA’s First Virtual Convention Is October 16-17

MSEA’S Virtual Representative Assembly

Expect the unexpected at this year’s Representative Assembly where more than 700 delegates from across the state are gathering for our first virtual Representative Assembly on October 16–17. It’s the first time on record that members of Maryland’s education association have not met face-to-face to conduct yearly business.

Delegates will be getting everything they need
in MSEA’s first-ever Convention-in-a-Box!

But there’s plenty of action scheduled! Delegates will discuss and consider MSEA’s two-year budget, two statewide ballot initiatives, and more. They’ll also raise funds for the MSEA Fund for Children and Public Education, which supports pro-public education candidates for local and statewide offices.

And they’ll hear from the Maryland Teacher of the Year, Howard County paraeducator and MSEA’s new ESP of the Year Randy Patterson, Brit Kirwan, and President Cheryl Bost.

Very special guests Becky Pringle, the new president of the National Education Association, and Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson will greet delegates and share their focuses for the coming year.

Delegates will hear from (L to R) Becky Pringle, NEA President, Randy Patterson, MSEA ESP of the Year, and Bill Ferguson, MD Senate President.

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2020 Convention Workshops

This year, members can choose from over 20 workshops on issues affecting jobs, students, and their families. To find out if there’s room for you in the workshops, click here. If the classes are filled for this year’s October workshops, we’ll be back next year. In the meantime, check out the year-round professional development opportunities here.

This year’s MSEA Convention workshop schedule was built with current events in mind. Find the full schedule here.
• Building an Instructional Toolkit
• Racial and Social Justice in Our Schools
• Digital Learning
• Self-Care and Trauma-Aware Classrooms
• School Counselor
• Personal Growth and Empowerment