MSEA’s Blueprint Forums

Educators, leaders, and the public gathered for strong schools across Maryland

Educators, the public, and elected community and state leaders gathered together at community forums across the state this fall to learn how the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future and Kirwan commission recommendations will make a difference for every student.

Getting the word out about the game-changing opportunities of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future and the need to fully fund it was at the heart of the more than 30 public forums organized by MSEA this fall.

Each forum included a panel of experts — educators, parents, students, busi­ness owners, higher ed faculty, and more — who provided short pre­sentations, discussion, and plenty of time for Q&As. MSEA advocacy went further, from press interviews with President Cheryl Bost, to stand­ing with more than 100 public education allies to form a wave of blue at the Kirwan Commission public hearing.

We can’t wait to bring it all home with the full funding of the Kirwan Commission recommendations by the 2020 General Assembly!

See more photos from the forums on our Instagram @marylandeducators.