MSEA Statement on MD State Board of Education Vote on School Schedules

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Media Contact

The following statement can be attributed to Baltimore County elementary school teacher and Maryland State Education Association President Cheryl Bost:

“We appreciate that the State Board of Education rejected Superintendent Salmon’s last-minute proposal to rip up local school schedules in a matter of weeks without thought for the confusion, stress, and chaos that would ensue. The State Board agreed with the more than 20,000 Marylanders who signed our petition in less than 48 hours that called for no mandated schedule changes until after the first quarter.

“The conversation at today’s State Board of Education meeting would have been useful months ago; having it today, after the school year has begun in many areas, is incredibly out of touch with the realities that educators, parents, and students are dealing with every day and the hard work that they have done and that is ahead. The poor communication and sudden changes coming from the State Department of Education and state leadership are deeply concerning and in dire need of improvement.

“While this gives districts time to meet new standards, we are also deeply concerned with discussions of looking to move to expanding in-person learning later this year without also expanding resources or measures to protect the health and safety of educators and students.

“The school year is beginning, and educators, parents, and students want stability and the time to focus on teaching and learning. We must get this right, stay safe, and have consistent support rather than more last-minute surprises from state leaders.”