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MSEA Statement on Doug Gansler’s Anti-Teacher “Every Classroom” Ad

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Media Contact

The following statement is from Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) Assistant Executive Director for Political and Legislative Affairs Sean Johnson:

“Doug Gansler’s latest television ad, “Every Classroom,” is just the latest reckless campaign communication that suggests he’s increasingly out of step with Democratic voters and progressive priorities. By simplistically blaming our state’s most challenged schools on teachers—during Teacher Appreciation Week, no less—Gansler not only advances a solution that would undo collective bargaining, but he does so while demonizing teachers. It is a very different tune than the one he was singing a few months ago while trying to earn MSEA’s endorsement. 

“Gansler is taking a page right out of Chris Christie’s playbook. He raises a red herring issue as a justification to advance an anti-teacher, anti-union, and anti-progress agenda.

“Closing the achievement gap is serious business. We need serious leaders with real solutions—not politicians reading from irresponsible talking points. We should focus on research-backed policies that will make a real difference for students. That is how Anthony Brown is leading on this important issue, by advancing proposals for universal pre-kindergarten and the expansion of wrap-around services in our neighborhood schools.”