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MSEA Statement on $345 Million in Education Cuts Proposed by Gov. Hogan

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Media Contact

The following statement may be attributed to Baltimore County elementary school teacher and Maryland State Education Association President Cheryl Bost:

“Governor Hogan’s proposed $345 million in cuts to public school funding are unconscionable and endanger the health of Maryland’s educators and students. Crisis distance learning this spring has deepened inequities and achievement gaps among our students—and the governor’s cuts would only make them far worse. As just one example, his millions of dollars in cuts to the Healthy Schol Facilities Fund—designed to improve the public health conditions in school buildings—seem completely disengaged from reality.

“Educators have stepped up throughout this crisis to do all we can for our students, and the governor’s cuts are a slap in the face. These cuts are simply wrong; students and educators need more—not less—support, resources, and safety measures. We condemn and oppose these cuts in the strongest possible terms and call on the Board of Public Works and the legislature to reject these cuts.”

Details of Cuts

$110.8 million in cuts will be considered by the Board of Public Works on Wednesday, July 1. The cuts include:

$233.9 million in cuts are proposed as future cuts that would need to be considered by the legislature in the form of a Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act during a future legislative session. These cuts include: