MSEA Builds Administrator Units

Administrators and supervisors join MSEA’s growing base of activists

MSEA has long supported classroom educators and support professionals in many different job categories and, as we’ve seen at events like the 2019 March for Our Schools and our success in moving forward the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, there is strength and power in our numbers. That’s why we continue to build our union through steady outreach to fellow educators across the spectrum of positions and responsibilities.

MSEA has represented administrators and supervisors (A&S) in several counties for some time, but the unit is growing and bringing more members to MSEA — meaning more influence across the board. We’re organizing administrators and supervisors for the same reasons we organize teachers and support professionals — they have workplace, pay, discipline, and evaluation issues.

MSEA represents these A&S members when they need help with their employment, such as protecting their job, position, pay, or future promotion or opportunities — not in instances of supervision or discipline of teachers, ESP, or other educators in the school or workplace setting.

“I am present with our administrator or supervisor members only when they are being disciplined by their supervisor,” says Dan Besseck, MSEA’s organizing specialist for administrators and supervisors.

MSEA represents 75%-95% of A&S unit members in eight counties across the state, totaling nearly 800 members. Some units are merged with their teacher and/or merged teacher/ESP local with separately negotiated contracts, and others are long-time stand-alone unions in Allegany, Frederick, and St. Mary’s counties.

“These educators are looking for MSEA’s professional representation for legal and advocacy issues, bargaining, and contract enforcement,” added Besseck. “Many of our A&S members were teachers so there is a natural transition to membership in their new position. Most others will join within one or two years for the collective power and benefits of membership, which are the same as for our teacher and ESP members.”

Where are MSEA’s A&S locals?

Allegany County The Association of Public School Administrators and Supervisors of Allegany County is MSEA’s most veteran A&S local

Carroll County The goal is full affiliation by summer 2020

Charles County The A&S unit is merged with the Education Association of Charles County

Dorchester County The Dorchester Administrators and Supervisors Association

Frederick County Frederick County Administrators and Supervisors Association

Garrett County Garrett Administrators and Supervisors Association

St. Mary’s County St. Mary’s Association of Supervisors and Administrators

Somerset County The A&S unit is merged with the Somerset Education Association

What positions does MSEA represent in the A&S locals?

MSEA represents a variety of job classifications in its A&S units depending on the county. The positions include:

• Supervisors • Principals • Assistant principals • System wide central office personnel like directors, coordinators, and specialists • School psychologists • Pupil personnel workers • Accountants • Human resources