MSEA Budget Input Form

The MSEA Budget Committee is beginning the budget process to develop a two-year budget which will then be recommended to the MSEA Board of Directors. The budget will then be recommended to the elected delegates to the 2024 Spring RA on April 13 for their approval. Member input is sought to help identify program needs to be considered for inclusion. All members are invited to provide input using the survey below. Please send all feedback by November 10. Click here to read more about MSEA’s strategic goals.

Strong Locals

Building strong and stable locals to effectively educate, represent, and advocate to be a powerful force for high quality public schools.

Leading the Professions

Leading the professions by elevating diverse educator voice on policy, practice, and training to raise the status of public educators and ensure the success of public education.

Culture of Organizing

Developing and sustaining a culture of organizing that builds power through collective action to recruit, retain, educate, and mobilize members to effectively advocate internally and externally.


Use the space below to share any ideas that do not fit within the three categories outlined above.