“Mrs. Fitzsimmons, We Need You in Room 113, Please.”

10-4! A walkie-talkie keeps school counselor Sarah Fitzsimmons tuned in to students and educators. Check out the rest of her toolkit.

Meet Sarah Fitzsimmons, a licensed clinical professional counselor and National Board Certified Counselor at Carroll Manor Elementary in Baltimore County.

Carroll Manor is recognized as an American School Counselor Association Model Program.


My walkie is a toolkit must! The administration and school secretaries can communicate with me about a classroom I need to assist in, a parent who needs me urgently, or an important phone call.


I’m a BIG fan of children’s literature. I use literature on a daily basis — in classroom guidance to facilitate discussions about important topics like bullying, anxiety, or changes at home, and in small groups and individual counselling sessions.


All school counselors are familiar with the standards and expectations of the American School Counselor Association. The guides are great resources for sharing with stakeholders about the amazing impact of school counseling.


My planner is an integral part of my program. It keeps me on track with classroom guidance lessons, parent phone calls, teacher collaboration meetings, and individual and small group counselling sessions.


It’s important to share with parents the great things that are going on as part of the school counseling program! I use these stickers to help facilitate conversation between the parent and the child.


The Buddy Bench is a specially designated place for students if they are feeling left out at recess or want to switch activities. The children are great about monitoring the bench themselves and adding new friends to their group.