Women’s Concerns Committee Leadership Cohort Training

MSEA’s new Women’s Concerns Committee Leadership Cohort Training focuses on power, purpose, and platform through a year-long leadership development program. Training requires attendance to three virtual or in-person trainings and continuous program engagement throughout the year.

Please note: 35% of participants will be new activists to the work of the union.

This opportunity is provided for our members at no cost.

This training is primarily, but not exclusively, open to women.

The Women’s Concerns Committee Leadership Training is a year-long, cohort-based learning and development journey that supports educators as they gain understanding and experience in leadership and grow as leaders and activists in their local, state, and national associations.

The WCC cohort will focus on the three Ps: 

Power Becoming an empowered leader

Purpose Becoming a leader and activist

Platform Becoming a change agent within the association

Selected member leaders will be expected to participate in every component of the program, including:

All of the Friday sessions will begin after 5pm and all of the Saturday sessions will start in the morning. Further information will be released soon.

Questions? Send an email to [email protected].