Dorothy Lloyd, former MSEA (then MSTA) employee who retired after 25 years of service in 1981, was a dedicated advocate for teachers and other education employees.  She began her career with MSTA as a secretary for the Teachers Association of Baltimore County.  When she retired, she was Director of Publications for MSTA.  Her commitment to equity was reflected in her roles as consultant to the Human Rights in Education Committee and liaison to the original Women’s Leadership Training Cadre.  Submissions can be made via a hard copy nomination form or via the form at the bottom of this page. 

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In recognition of the dedication and commitment to equity that Dorothy Lloyd, former MSTA staffer, reflected by serving as a role model for MSEA women activists and mentor to entry-level women staff members, this award honors up to two persons, groups or programs annually for their individual accomplishments in the field of girls’ and women’s rights.  


Award recipients must be MSEA or NEA members if they are eligible for MSEA or NEA membership in an employee unit represented by an affiliate of the NEA.

Type of Award

  1. A framed certificate signed by MSEA President and Women’s Concerns Committee Chair.
  2. A contribution to be made on behalf of the recipient to an organization, which promotes girls’ and women’s concerns, as approved by the MSEA Board of Directors.


The deadline for receipt of nominations for the award(s) will be by 5:00 p.m. on November 1.


This award is to honor outstanding efforts in the area of girls’ and women’s rights. Candidates for the award are required to show leadership in one or more of the following areas.

  1. Obtaining equal educational opportunities for girls and women.
  2. Improving the social and/or economic status of girls and women in the education community.
  3. Assisting girls and women in acquiring a greater voice in establishing educational policy.
  4. Assisting girls and women of diverse ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds in forming coalitions and sharing resources.
  5. Promoting programs or activities to eliminate gender stereotyping.
  6. Developing or promoting programs, activities or legislation to eliminate gender stereotyping and discrimination against girls and women.
  7. Heightening the awareness of girls’ and women’s contributions in all areas.


1. Selection Subcommittee

A subcommittee of not fewer than three members of the MSEA Women’s Concerns Committee shall be appointed by the chairperson of the committee annually. Subcommittee members shall remain anonymous, except to the MSEA Women’s Concerns Committee, the MSEA Board of Directors, the MSEA executive director, and the staff liaison to the MSEA Women’s Concerns Committee. No person who seconds the nomination of a potential recipient of the award may sit on the selection subcommittee. A committee of the whole may replace the sub-committee when appropriate. The application will be presented to the Women’s Concerns Committee for their approval to recommend the nominee to the Board of Directors.

The subcommittee shall consult with the appropriate local affiliate(s) concerning the nominees prior to its deliberations and report its findings to the Board of Directors when it makes its recommendations. The name(s) of the person(s) recommended to receive the award(s) as selected by the subcommittee will be presented to the MSEA Women’s Concerns Committee, which will present its recommendations to the MSEA Board of Directors for final approval. The subcommittee may offer a substitute recommendation if, upon consideration of the data submitted, the Board of Directors rejects one or more of the subcommittee’s recommendations.

Consistent with deadline, the committee shall establish, with Board approval, a timeline for securing nominations and obtaining Board approval in such a manner as to conform to the date on which the awards will be presented. ActionLine shall appropriately publicize the awards, nomination procedures, and date.


2. Recipients

3. Submission

4. Selection Process

Presentation of the Award

The Dorothy Lloyd Women’s Rights Award will be presented at the Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. ceremony sponsored by MSEA’s Women’s Concerns Committee held in January. (The name of the recipient and write-up should be submitted to MSEA’s Board of Directors in November after the deadline. Print quality photo of recipient and award presenter name(s) should be submitted to the Women’s Concerns Committee by the first Monday in that December.)

Recognition of the recipient will be included in the Women’s Concerns Committee’s Annual National Women’s History Month lobby display at MSEA Headquarters in March of the same year.

Nomination Form

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