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MD General Assembly Supports Fairness for All Educators

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Passage of HB 667 will create equity across Maryland

April 6, 2013 (Annapolis, MD)—In a victory for fairness among all Maryland educators, the General Assembly today passed House Bill 667, statewide Fair Share legislation for educators.“This is a huge win for Maryland’s educators and for the principles of fairness, local control, and the protection of individual rights,” said Maryland State Education Association President Betty Weller. “I want to thank all of the senators and delegates who stood up for fairness when they overwhelmingly passed Fair Share, as well as the leadership and support of the bill sponsors and of Lieutenant Governor Brown, who championed this legislation.”

“Maryland’s schools have been ranked #1 in the nation for five years in a row and our educators are the foundation for our success,”said Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown. “But with all our progress, there is still much work to be done and that work includes making sure that all of our educators are supported, protected, and well represented. Fair Share creates an environment of equity and support that sets the stage for even greater accomplishments by our students, educators, and schools.”

House Bill 667 makes Fair Share representation fees a mandatory subject of bargaining between school boards and local associations. Decisions about whether to implement fees and the details of any implementation are to be made at the local level. While Fair Share ensures that all educators contribute to the legally required representation and negotiated benefits that they all enjoy, it does not force individuals to join the association.

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