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The supports new educators need and deserve are well documented — meaningful orientations to their new positions; strong mentorship programs; year-long internships; modern, relevant professional development and resources — yet rarely provided. It’s no surprise then that MSDE reports that “47% of educators in Maryland who have completed one full year, but not yet two full years, of teaching have left the field by the beginning of the third full year of teaching.”

Over seven weeks this summer, MSEA hosted four early-career educators — Robin Beers, Anne Arundel County; Henoch Hailu, Montgomery County; and Kyle De Jan and Jasmine Stewart, Prince George’s County — to study the retention crisis and early career educators to help MSEA find ways to stem the tide. MSEA’s New Educators Conference on December 3 is just one result of their efforts. Their insights and recommendations will also impact MSEA’s local and state policy campaigns to support early career educators and MSEA’s own professional development strategies.

What is the New Educators Conference?

MSEA’s partner in the New Educators Conference is the New Teacher Center (NTC), recognized as one of the nation’s most successful organizations dedicated to improving student achievement by supporting new educators. The day starts at 9:00 a.m. and includes presentations and small group discussions with guest facilitators.

MSEA wants to build a community of new educators and support them as they take charge of their careers. “We have a problem and MSEA is listening and responding,” said Stewart, a second-year teacher. “As more of us meet and share our experiences, support will grow. Joining the conference and connecting will create opportunities and make a difference.”

The NTC is focused on improving student learning by accelerating the effectiveness of teachers and school leaders. “Like MSEA, the NTC understands when we focus on teachers, students succeed,” says Lynn Kepp, senior vice president of strategic partnerships for NTC. “We are excited to be working with MSEA to help new teachers reflect on their successes and understand key strategies to help students — and themselves — thrive at a time of year when they may be feeling disillusioned.”

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