Join the March to Fix the Fund

It could mean an additional $500 million in school funding.

On March 19, we’re marching to Fix the Fund. We want the General Assembly to pass the Fix the Fund Act to make sure that gaming revenues go where they were intended — to increase school funding. During the last four years, Gov. Hogan has used $1.4 billion of this revenue to plug holes in other parts of his budgets. The Fix the Fund Act will stop this budget gimmick, providing a $500 million annual increase in school funding — a significant first step in closing the $2.9 billion annual underfunding of Maryland public schools.

March to Fix the Fund
Join educators from across the state on March 19 in Annapolis to fight for more school funding…

Here are three great reasons to join the March to Fix the Fund:

1. It Makes a Difference

Educators at MSEA’s March to Protect Our Schools in 2017.

When educators and public education supporters show up, policymakers listen. Last year, hundreds of educators joined the March to Protect Our Schools. Legislators responded by unanimously voting for the More Learning, Less Testing bill in the Senate just days later, sending it on its way to final passage. The Protect Our Schools Act passed only two weeks after the march.

We have power in numbers. And when we demonstrate our power, it makes an impact on elected officials.

2. It’s Awesome to Join a Crowd of Educators from across Maryland

It’s so comforting to know that you’re not alone,” 7th grade language arts teacher Claire Barnaby said at MSEA’s 2011 Rally to Keep the Promise. “I sit in my classroom with 30 kids and I don’t know that I’m supported by others in the nation. It’s so great to come here and have all these people be on my side.”

Educators across the state whom you’ve never met are facing many of the same challenges in their schools that you are — and coming together to speak with one voice to make changes that will help you and your students can be empowering, exciting…and fun!

Educators at MSEA’s March to Protect Our Schools in 2017.

3. It’s Not Every Year We Can Add $500 Million to School Funding

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revamp and improve the state’s school funding formula with the Kirwan Commission. We must use it to make a new Maryland Promise that all kids have a great public school — and an equal opportunity for success — no matter their neighborhood. Our first step in funding that promise is fixing the fund and adding $500 million annually to school funding.

Opportunities like this don’t come around often. It’s been 15 years since the last revision to Maryland’s school funding formula and a significant new investment in schools.

Yep…we marched 15 years ago for the last funding formula too!

For many educators, this may be the one shot in your career to radically change and improve how schools are funded. Make sure your voice is heard so we can improve teaching and learning conditions across Maryland! Click here to RSVP to join the March to Fix the Fund.