IPD Conference


Registration is now open for the 2022 IPD Conference on April 30. This year’s theme is Caring for Ourselves While Caring for Others. When you reflect on what you have learned as an educator in 2021, how do you reimagine professional learning? Come inspire and empower fellow educators at MSEA’s IPD Conference.

The conference is free for active MSEA members and will be held virtually. Log-in will be open closer to this event. Revisit this page to learn more.

At IPD22, we’ll be discussing what’s on everyone’s mind—how to be healthy, safe, and productive and help others do the same as we recover from the pandemic. Five strands of workshops cover inclusive learning environments; self-care and advocacy; student engagements and connections; the trauma-informed educator; and understanding the opportunities of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future.

Attendees can choose from workshops in these strands:

Inclusive Learning Environments

Educators see first-hand the positive effects of learning environments that are aware and inclusive of the diverse backgrounds and abilities that students bring with them to school. Educators know schools that incorporate culturally responsive and competent approaches to learning, environment, and discipline will improve outcomes for all students. This session will provide insight and strategies for ensuring that our schools are truly inclusive, equitable, and just.  

Navigating the Blueprint and National Board

The new requirements of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future and the impact of National Board certification may seem confusing and a bit overwhelming. The Center for Education Policy and Practice is here to help. These sessions will focus on understanding how the Blueprint could affect you as a professional and its impact on students.

Self-Care, Advocacy, and Mindfulness

Making your way as an educator in today’s world takes more than ever before. These sessions will help with tools and resources to find balance and relieve pressures at work and in your personal life. Workshops include: Understanding Your Finances—Make It! Grow It! Protect It!; Work Stress and Overwhelm: Coping Tools You Can Use Immediately; Successful Interviewing 101; How High is Your Self-Esteem?; Using Art and Mindfulness to Create a Culturally Responsive Classroom

Student Engagement and Connections

Research has shown that engaging and connecting with students in meaningful ways can make a positive impact on their learning and success. The key to making those connections is building relationships while maintaining a consistent, supportive, and secure learning environment. The workshops in this strand will help participants strike the balance between compassion and high expectations. They will help participants maximize their talents as educators to build meaningful relationships and an environment for students to grow and achieve. Workshops include: Words Matter; Compassion Counts; and Using Art and Mindfulness to Create a Culturally Responsive Classroom.

Trauma Informed

Adverse Childhood and Community Experiences (ACEs) affect a huge swath of the students we work with daily. The pandemic has only made the trauma for these students more acute. This session will focus on strategies to assess, confront, and mitigate the effects of trauma on student learning and behavior. 

Questions? Contact Rebeca Fortiz at [email protected].