Inside MSEA: The Blueprint is Here!

With the start of the new school year, we officially kick off the implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future — everything from a new funding formula and the expansion of pre-K and community schools, to the exciting changes in high school to meet the new college and career ready standards, and the initial salary increases linked to National Board Certification.

This school year is when all of the pieces start moving at the same time. The Blueprint is still on a 13-year timeline for full implementation, but this is the exciting, official beginning.

We’ve gotten here thanks to your voice, which over the past seven years has called for equitable school funding that reaches every student. You showed up at community forums and rallies and told policymakers what you need to help our students and professions. These game-changing new investments are because of you and our collective strength.

To help local affiliates prepare for the policy, budget, and bargaining implications of the new law, MSEA created the Center for Education Policy and Practice (CEPP). This new center is staffed to support the association’s professional development work, including the expanded focus on trauma-informed instruction, restorative justice practices, and the pursuit of National Board Certification. Additionally, CEPP has policy staff that will work with local affiliate teams to thoughtfully implement a career ladder, promote community schools, and support the execution of the Blueprint.

CEPP will work closely with our advocacy, public affairs, and legal teams to support bargaining strategies and any legislative adjustments necessary to ensure the Blueprint can be implemented with fidelity and meet the needs of our students and schools.

We continue to build explainer documents and specific job-related and school-level content to help you appreciate the Blueprint and how it supports your work and student success. Click here for this important content (scroll down for the explainers).

The Blueprint creates many opportunities, but we must know and understand the new law as a union and as individuals to take full advantage of its promises. MSEA is committed to providing the support you need to make the most of this historic once-in-a generation moment.

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