Inside MSEA: Showing Our Commitment

We can play a role in solving the problems our students face.

MSEA Executive Director David Helfman

Educators are committed to their students — it’s almost always the reason they stay in the profession. In fact, our recent survey findings show that more than 9 in 10 educators buy school supplies for their classrooms, and about 4 in 10 are accumulating debt just to stay in the profession they love, shows that the ridiculous caricature that educators have cushy jobs is, and never has been, even close to true.

It also demonstrates that the financial commitment of the state and local systems to our schools is lacking. Working and learning conditions in our schools have deteriorated to such a degree that an independent report found that the funding shortfall averages $2 million per school every year. Too many elected officials fund public education at minimal levels — not at equitable, adequate, or sustainable levels. And we know that contracts bargained with school boards are all too frequently denied full funding by county executives and county commissions.

We didn’t create these problems, but we can commit to playing a role in solving them.

You can demonstrate your commitment to your students by:

Voting YES on Question 1 to make sure casino revenues finally go to increasing school funding. It’s time for the games to stop. Let’s add $500 million more annually to our schools so we can have better paid educators and better resourced schools.

Visiting to learn which candidates support public education. Find recommended candidates vetted and interviewed by local educators, then share this website with family and friends. Pick one of the six early voting school days and organize a caravan from your school to the polls. Demonstrate to your students that voting is important!

Showing decision-makers how you care about our schools. From wearing RED FOR ED in your building to showing up in force in Annapolis next year when we rally for a new and improved school funding formula. Your presence and voice matters and influences people in power to do the right thing when it comes to our schools.