I Can Do It for ESPs: Getting to Know Our Students Better: Moving Toward Equity




Getting to know students during the pandemic is a challenge for all job descriptions. Moving back and forth from in-person to virtual learning, confronting gaps caused by disruptions in school and at home, the quarantining of staff and students, and education support professional members being over-extended and classes cobbled together to deal with staff shortages all make it more difficult to build meaningful bonds.

But the challenges make it all that much more important to do seemingly small things that mean a great deal to students who may be feeling like they aren’t getting the kind of personal connection they need to feel safe and to learn. ESP often have very important relationships with students in ways that help create that sense of safety. Whether it’s the bus driver who takes the time to learn names and greet students or the paraprofessional working one on one, this snapshot will focus on small things that lead to all students being treated equitably. Come and learn quick but effective ways of getting to know students and their unique needs better.

Contact: Evan West

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