Hard Work. Big Wins.

Casino revenues will finally go to increasing funding for public schools

Question 1, the Fix the Fund ballot measure championed by MSEA, passed with 89% of the vote — the widest margin of any ballot measure in 24 years! Marylanders were so well-informed about the ballot question that it earned more votes than any other candidate or measure on the entire ballot despite being nearly the last item on every ballot.

It’s a very big win. Citizens can now be confident that casino revenues will finally go to increasing school funding. It’s also a very clear referendum that Maryland voters want what every educator wants — increased funding for public schools. “By adding $500 million to our schools annually, Question 1 was the first step in making increased funding a reality,” said MSEA President Cheryl Bost.

“The next step comes during the upcoming legislative session, when the General Assembly will rewrite the state’s school funding formula for the first time in 20 years. We will fight hard for the state to end the $2.9 billion in annual underfunding of our schools.”

But Question 1 wasn’t the only victory to celebrate on Election Day. Seventy-one percent of state and local educator-endorsed candidates across the state won their races, including winners in seven of the eight county executive races like former teachers — and MSEA members — Johnny

The Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County can claim a large share of credit for the upset win by Steuart Pittman over incumbent Steve Schuh. “I LOVE MY PUBLIC SCHOOL” t-shirts, phone banks, and door-to-door canvassing helped push Pittman, a community organizer and farmer eager to curb rampant development, to victory.

Educators won seats in a number of other races, too, including new board of education members Karen Yoho in Frederick County and Liz Brown in Charles County.