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Gov. Hogan Holds Nearly $70 Million for Public Schools Hostage

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Annapolis, Maryland — MSEA President Betty Weller made the following statement on Gov. Larry Hogan’s supplemental budget:

“When it comes to our public schools, Gov. Hogan still doesn’t get it. He began his term by cutting $144 million in school funding only to be met with criticism from educators, parents, students, business leaders, school boards, superintendents, principals, and county officials from both sides of the aisle. After the hard work of the General Assembly to restore more than 90% of his cuts, he has decided to hold hostage nearly $70 million in public school funding in exchange for his agenda—including a discriminatory, unaccountable, and fraud-prone vouchers program that will only benefit private schools.

“Right now, school districts are struggling to make budget decisions—including reducing educator positions, increasing class sizes, and cutting support programs and technology. It’s time for Gov. Hogan to stop playing games with our students’ education and future, and issue a no-strings-attached supplemental budget that restores the school funding that our schools need and that the General Assembly has near-unanimously approved.”