For Support Professionals, the Blueprint Means More Opportunities and More Respect

Let’s give all our kids — and all our educators — the future they deserve

Passing the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future won’t just make a big difference for Maryland teachers and students — it will be a game-changer for Maryland education support professionals too.

The Blueprint will send additional funding to school systems that can translate into much-needed raises for support professionals, and also dedicates funding to hiring thousands of new educators — including ESP — to better support students and reduce caseloads.

Right now in Annapolis, elected officials are deciding how to update the state’s school funding formula for the first time in nearly 20 years. The funding formula will determine just how well Maryland will be able to implement the Blueprint’s critical education reforms — reforms our schools and students need.

Check out this video to hear from MSEA President Cheryl Bost and Brit Kirwan, the former chancellor of the University of Maryland System and the chair of the Kirwan Commission, whose recommendations are the foundation of the Blueprint. Visit MSEA’s Facebook page for news, information, and helpful videos about the Blueprint.

Passing the Blueprint Means:

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It’s Time for Change

Right now, each of our schools is annually underfunded by $2 million on average. That holds back our ability to deliver adequate pay, adequate staffing, and the types of opportunities and programs that all students deserve. Updating the funding formula is the key to improving our schools and the lives of educators and students across the state.