What We Do

Educators are committed to the success of every student. To reach that goal, they need reasonable class sizes and workloads, high quality resources and professional development, a modern and safe working environment, fair and sensible evaluation and testing policies, and improved salaries and benefits. Your union—your local, state, and national education associations—are democratic organizations of school employees that fight to achieve these common goals so you and your students can be successful. 

These groups of educators—75,000 members in Maryland and 3 million across the country— lead on issues that affect public education, our professions, and our students. In Maryland, we fight for funding that provides the resources students need for success, for less testing and more learning and reigniting the joy of learning in our classrooms and schools, and class sizes that make meaningful one-on-one interaction possible. We’re committed to supporting educators at every stage in their career—from navigating the challenging first years to planning for a secure retirement. We believe that no matter where a child lives, the promise of a quality public school education is theirs. We advocate for high quality professional development that is rich, deep, and targeted to the needs of educators and the diversity of their students. 

Your professional association advocates for members at the local, state, and national levels. You can be sure your interests as an educator are being heard by the right people in the right places.