“Evolution Has Become a Cult” and Other Lessons Your Taxes Are Supporting

Gov. Hogan’s vouchers program has sent $315,200 to schools teaching highly controversial curricula.

Photo credit: U.S. Department of Education

Since its inception, Gov. Hogan’s private school vouchers program has been controversial. The vouchers have gone overwhelmingly to students already in private schools. They’ve gone to schools that discriminate against students and their families. And study after study shows vouchers don’t actually help students, despite the strong support of Gov. Hogan and Betsy DeVos.

Add a new reason to why Gov. Hogan’s program should end: some schools teach what could generously be called highly controversial curricula, primarily from Bob Jones University and A Beka Books. Read some of it for yourself…

4 Quotes About Non-Europeans

“After seeing all these bountiful gifts of God in the natural world, the people of Africa might have joined with the Psalmist in saying ‘O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom thou hast made them all’ (Psa. 104:24). The Africans might have done so; yet, by and large, they did not. Rather, like the early Celtic and Anglo-Saxon inhabitants of Britain, the Vikings of Scandinavia, and all other people who have not received the gospel, ‘they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.’ The history of mankind in Africa has been sad.” History of the World in Christian Perspective, p. 335

“The Asians were left without the motivating force for more substantial, consequential levels of cultural and economic activity.” History of the World in Christian Perspective, p. 218

“The Indian people generally became docile, peaceable, resigned, and polite. They developed almost none of that ambition for high personal achievement which makes men energetic in character and effective in life.” History of the World in Christian Perspective, p. 215

“Islam has been waiting for its chance to conquer Europe. Its modern goal has been to infiltrate European countries instead of openly conquering them. This produced another kind of terrorist, the Europeanized Muslim.” History of the World in Christian Perspective, p. 432

2 Quotes About Feminism

“However, the false philosophies of modernism, Darwinism, and socialism that had taken root in men’s minds during the 19th century, bore their disastrous fruit in the next one. Evolution, psychology, and feminism became three of the major agents of change in the new century.” History of the World in Christian Perspective, p. 445

“The father was the head of the house, and the mother was his honored companion and helper. Children were taught what was expected of them and lovingly punished when they disobeyed.” New World History and Geography in Christian Perspective, p. 209

3 Quotes About Science

“In the 20th century, evolution has become a cult in which scientists are expected to believe despite all evidence against it.” History of the World in Christian Perspective, p. 296

“Though many scientists questioned its validity, global warming became a key environmental topic in the early 21st century.” History of the World in Christian Perspective, p. 442

“Science cannot make authoritative statements about the origin of the earth.” Science of the Physical Creation in Christian Perspective, p. 268

Strong Views on Religion…

“Government cannot force men to become Christians; it can only force them to say they are Christians.” History of the World in Christian Perspective, p. 89

“The Roman church encouraged prayer, but the wrong kind of prayer, addressed to the wrong people. It preached the need for salvation, but the wrong way to obtain it.” History of the World in Christian Perspective, p. 133

“The papacy had always distorted Christianity … People looked up to the pope because they believed his false claim to be Christ’s representative on earth as the successor of Peter.” History of the World in Christian Perspective, p. 139

…And on Recent Democratic Presidents

“As socialism seemed to weaken its grip on Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, it strengthened its grasp on the American people after Democrat Bill Clinton won the Presidential election of 1992.” History of the World in Christian Perspective, p. 417

“A majority of Americans were unhappy with the modifications proposed or enacted by Obama. Many expressed concern that he was leading the country in the wrong direction, while others complained that Obama had not accomplished the transformation that he promised.” World History, p. 546

$315,200 of Taxpayer Dollars Have Gone to Schools Teaching This Curricula

Since it began two years ago, at least 9 schools that reportedly use Bob Jones University and/or A Beka curricula have received $315,200 in private school vouchers, according to a recent Huffington Post investigation and state records from previous years of vouchers funding. That’s your tax dollars supporting the teaching of evolution as a hoax, feminism as a “disastrous fruit,” and governments being able to force people to say they are Christians.

Larry Hogan apparently is fine with this. “Everybody thinks it’s a great program now and working very well. … It’s been terrific,” Hogan told the Baltimore Sun. In his budget this year, he proposed increasing funding for these private school vouchers once again.

If you disagree, call your legislators by dialing 1–888–520–6732 and tell them to end funding for Gov. Hogan’s private school vouchers program.