A Message from President Cheryl Bost

Connecting with Members through Strength and Unity, Seeking Justice

I’m thrilled to announce that this school year I plan to visit local associations, schools, and local events to hear from you–our dedicated members across Maryland–and discuss strength, unity, and justice. I can’t wait to visit schools and locals and do all that I can to support you in the important work that you’re doing as an educator–no matter your job title, your county, or your years in the profession.

It’s not breaking news that educators are working extremely hard to educate and care for students at the same time as public education has become an increasing target of politicized attacks. So, it’s important now more than ever before that we build our collective strength by advocating and improving our profession and public schools.

Defending the right of an inclusive and honest education is a heavy burden that seems to grow heavier each day. But it’s the strength of being part of a union that gives us a powerful voice. We see across the country and here in Maryland what can happen when we stand up and use our strength to elect pro-public education elected officials, when
we ensure that educator voices are where educational decisions are made, and when we stand up to the extremists who want to tear down our students, public education, and our democracy.

We see fellow workers in many industries working to unionize to protect their rights, ensure healthy and safe working conditions, and to get the wages they rightfully deserve. And we do the same—standing up for public education funding and working to hold elected officials accountable when they say they can’t afford wage increases or ensure safe and healthy working conditions, yet run budget surpluses. Our strength comes from you, our members. I’m excited to join you in your schools and see that strength firsthand!

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